Rule Number 25


.1 No more than the legally allowed number of players from a team may be on the playing area at any one time.
.2 Substitutes must wait in their own substitutes area.
.3 Exit and entry of players for substitution may be anywhere along the teams own goal line. The whole of the player?s kayak must leave the playing area before the substitute may enter the playing area. Substitution is not allowed if any equipment for example a paddle or helmet remains on the playing area. Substitution is allowed at any time.
.4 A player leaving the playing area solely as part of the action of the game is not subject to the conditions for re-entry.
.5 A capsized player who has not left the playing area at their goal line may be substituted not earlier than the next break in play. All of the capsized players equipment (for example kayak and paddle) must be removed from the playing area before a substitution is allowed.
.6 Each player is permitted to leave the playing area and exchange any piece of equipment, at any time during the game, provided the equipment has been approved by the Scrutineer. The player concerned must collect equipment being exchanged from their substitutes area.

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Rule  33

.1 A player restricting the movement of an opposing player or gaining support or propulsion by placing their hand, arm, body or paddle on the kayak, or holding the opposing player or equipment.
.2 A player using for propulsion or support, or moving out of place, any playing area equipment e.g

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