Rule Number 26

Signal 7 Signal 14 Signal 15


.1 Where more than the legally allowed number of players from a team are in the playing area at any one time the player(s) coming illegally into the playing area should be given a yellow card(s), and the team is required to play with one player less than they had before the player(s) came illegally into for the duration of the yellow card. If it is not clear which player(s) should exit the playing area then the teams captain must nominate a player(s). Infringement incurs a sanction. Signal 7 and 14 apply.
.2 In the event of a substitute placing their paddle in the playing area to prevent a goal from being scored, a goal penalty shot shall be awarded. The offending player should be penalised with a red card and the team must play with one less player on the playing area then they had prior to the offence occurring for the remaining time of the game. Infringement incurs a sanction. Signals 15, 16 and 7 apply.

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Rule  30

A kayak-tackle is a player manoeuvring their kayak against an opponent?s kayak in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. The following kayak-tackles are illegal.
.1 Any kayak-tackle that results in the tacklers kayak contacting the body of a player and/or endangering a player. The player?s

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