Dublin Canoe Polo League?

Canoe Polo is a ball sport played in canoes, (technically kayaks). It's a fast, aggressive contact sport with body, paddle and boat tackling permitted.. As with most ball sports the object is to score more goals than the opposition. More information can be found here:

The Dublin Canoe Polo League is typically run as 2 x 16 week leagues , during the Autumn and Spring of each year. The league is normally run as 4 divisions, each with 7 teams, Teams play each other twice in each league. Since the pool is smaller than the standard length the format is played as 4-a-side instead of 5, and games are played as 8 mins per half.

The league is very competitive, with a varying level of ability throughout from most players in the top division will have experience playing internationally, through to players in the bottom division that are learning the basics of boat and ball control in the safety of a heated swimming pool.

The league is played weekly on Saturday evenings between 6.30pm - 10.30pm at Tallaght Sports Complex. If your interested in trying canoe polo then why not look around the site to see what its all about, or if you would like to join/enter a team or perhaps start playing canoe polo at your club then give us a shout by email canoedcpl@gmail.com or on facebook

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Rule  28

.1 Signals 11 and 15 apply. A player is in possession of the ball when they have the ball in their hand or are in a position to reach the ball with their hand, the ball being on the water and not in the air. A player balancing the ball on their paddle will also be considered to be in possession.

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