Winter 23/24 entries are open

By: icklepaddler On: 23-08-2023

Dublin Canoe Polo League Winter 23/24 entries are open! Closing Date: August 30th

Start: Friday 8th September 2023 in Tallaght Sports Complex (Community School) at 7.30pm

To register, login to the website with your username and password and then press the Red "Register Now" button on the right hand side.
You need to fill out all fields (including email addresses even though there is no *)

Entry Fee: Will be confirmed and notified once registration closes
All players must be registered with Canoeing Ireland and have valid CI numbers to participate for insurance purposes.
As usual the following rules apply:

- All in attendance (players and spectators) are expected to be respectful of others and any unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated. Please talk to a committee member if you have any concerns.   
- Duty teams are expected to have at least 3 members supporting and must either setup (at 7.30pm) or take down (at 11pm) depending on their half of the night.
- All teams are expected to referee. If you don't have capable individuals and can't find someone to cover, let the duty team know ASAP.
- All teams are expected to be ready to get on the water at their allotted time. Delays could result in a forfeit.
- If you are unable to fulfill a fixture, please contact us as soon as possible at

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Rule  22

.1 A team scores a goal when the whole of the ball passes through the plane of the front of the goal frame of their opponent?s goal. If a goal is not rigidly fixed, and moves the ball must go through the goal frame. The referee will indicate the number of the player scoring the goal to the scorekee

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