Rule Number 41

Signal 2


.1 The timekeeper will indicate the end of the period of playing time by the use of a loud signal. The ball is dead at the start of the signal. The referee shall use signal 2 to confirm the timekeeper's signal.
.2 If a goal penalty-shot has been awarded prior to the signal for completion of play, the goal penaltyshot must be taken before play is to be considered completed. In this situation, the ball shall after it has been thrown immediately be dead if it hits the water or the goal frame and comes back into the playing area.

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Rule  35

.1 The one defending player most directly under the goal, in order to defend the goal with the paddle is considered to be the goalkeeper at that time. The goalkeeper?s body must be facing into the playing area and attempting to maintain a position within one meter of the centre of the goal line. If

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