Rule Number 29

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A Hand-Tackle is a player, with one open hand, pushing an opponent's back, upper arm or side. The following hand-tackles are illegal:
.1 Any hand-tackle where the tackled player does not have possession of the ball.
.2 Any body contact other than an open hand to the back, upper arm or side.
.3 Any hand-tackle, which endangers the tackled player.
.4 A player may not fend off a tackle with the hand or forearm or with the movement of the elbow towards the hand-tackler.

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Rule  32

An illegal screen is when a player actively impedes the progress of an opposing player, except where:
.1 Both players are competing for the ball; or
.2 The opposing player is in possession of the ball;
.3 The opposing player is within three (3) meters of the ball and is the

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