Rule Number 28

Signal 11 Signal 15


.1 Signals 11 and 15 apply. A player is in possession of the ball when they have the ball in their hand or are in a position to reach the ball with their hand, the ball being on the water and not in the air. A player balancing the ball on their paddle will also be considered to be in possession.
.2 A player must dispose of the ball within five (5) seconds of gaining possession, either by passing it to another player or by performing one throw causing the ball to travel by at least one meter measured horizontally from the point of release.
.3 If a player shares possession with another player or the ball moves out of arms reach whilst being tackled, the five (5) seconds shall begin again once a player has regained possession.
.4 A player who capsizes to the point of the whole of their body and head going under water is considered to have lost possession if they do not have the ball in their hand(s).
.5 A player may not manoeuvre their kayak with their hands or paddle whilst the ball is resting on their spray deck.

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Rule  41

.1 The timekeeper will indicate the end of the period of playing time by the use of a loud signal. The ball is dead at the start of the signal. The referee shall use signal 2 to confirm the timekeeper's signal.
.2 If a goal penalty-shot has been awarded prior to the signal for completion of p

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