Rule Number 22

Signal 3


.1 A team scores a goal when the whole of the ball passes through the plane of the front of the goal frame of their opponent?s goal. If a goal is not rigidly fixed, and moves the ball must go through the goal frame. The referee will indicate the number of the player scoring the goal to the scorekeeper. Signal 3 applies and one long whistle blast by the referee. Time-out must be used after a goal is scored.
.2 If the ball is prevented from entering a goal by either a defender's or substitutes paddle that enters the goal from behind, then a goal is awarded.

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Rule  29

A Hand-Tackle is a player, with one open hand, pushing an opponent's back, upper arm or side. The following hand-tackles are illegal:
.1 Any hand-tackle where the tackled player does not have possession of the ball.
.2 Any body contact other than an open hand to the back, upper arm or si

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