Rule Number 31

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A jostle is a player manoeuvring their kayak against an opponent?s kayak between the six (6)-meter lines and the goal line, to gain a position where neither player is attempting for the ball. The following jostling is illegal.:
.1 When a player is stationary or attempting to maintain a position and their body is moved by more than half a meter by sustained contact from an opponent?s kayak.
.2 When the contact to the opponent?s kayak would be defined as a kayak-tackle.
.3 A player with the whole kayak behind the goal line may not be jostled, as they are not in the six (6)-meter area.

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Rule  34

.1 Any infringement committed by a player during a break in play.
.2 Hindering another player's attempt at righting themselves after capsizing. A player who is upside down must be allowed to get their head and both shoulders above the water before an opponent is allowed to attempt another tac

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