Rule Number 32

Signal 9 Signal 15


An illegal screen is when a player actively impedes the progress of an opposing player, except where:
.1 Both players are competing for the ball; or
.2 The opposing player is in possession of the ball;
.3 The opposing player is within three (3) meters of the ball and is the nearest player to the ball, where the ball is on the water and not in the air; or
.4 Both players are jostling within the six (6) meter area.
.5 A player is considered to be actively impeding the progress of an opponent when their kayak is moving and/or they are attempting active paddle strokes.

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Rule  41

.1 The timekeeper will indicate the end of the period of playing time by the use of a loud signal. The ball is dead at the start of the signal. The referee shall use signal 2 to confirm the timekeeper's signal.
.2 If a goal penalty-shot has been awarded prior to the signal for completion of p

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