Rule Number 24


.1 If a player capsizes and leaves their kayak, the player may not take any further part in the play and must leave the playing area immediately, with all of their equipment. If a player who has capsized wishes to rejoin the game the player must do so according to the rules of entry to the field of play. No person may enter the playing area to assist a player with their equipment, and no-one may obstruct the referee while assisting a player. A team may be penalised during a game for any illegal outside assistance, or for any interference with the opposition that constitutes outside assistance. The referee to determine the severity of the sanction.

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TIME-OUT (Rule 19)

Rule  19

.1 The referee shall use a triple whistle to stop the game for time-out, except when a goal is scored in which case a long whistle blast will be used.
.2 Time-out must be given if a capsized player or their equipment is interfering with play.
.3 Time-out should be used immediately when

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