Rule Number 37

Signal 13 Signal 14


.1 The referees can allow play to continue when the team in possession is benefited by play continuing as a result of an infringement by an opponent, if neither referee has blown the whistle. The referee should recognise the illegal-play by signaling play-on. Signals 13 and 14 apply.

.2 The referee can penalise any player who causes an infringement for which advantage is played at the next break in play with a green: yellow or red card.

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Rule  20

.1 At the beginning of each game, four (4) players will line up ready to start, stationary and with some part of their kayaks on their own goal line.
.2 The referee will blow the whistle to start play and then release or throw the ball into the centre of the playing area.
.3 If the ball

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