Rule Number 37

Signal 13 Signal 14


.1 The referees can allow play to continue when the team in possession is benefited by play continuing as a result of an infringement by an opponent, if neither referee has blown the whistle. The referee should recognise the illegal-play by signaling play-on. Signals 13 and 14 apply.

.2 The referee can penalise any player who causes an infringement for which advantage is played at the next break in play with a green: yellow or red card.

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Rule  30

A kayak-tackle is a player manoeuvring their kayak against an opponent?s kayak in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. The following kayak-tackles are illegal.
.1 Any kayak-tackle that results in the tacklers kayak contacting the body of a player and/or endangering a player. The player?s

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