Rule Number 11


.1 All players must have kayaks with the decks of the same color, spray decks of the same color, outmost body covering of the same color, helmets of the same color and shirts of the same color.
.2 Where a solid color(s) is used for the hull of the kayak, the kayaks of all players of the team must match this. In the case of clear hull kayaks the presence of carbon fiber or other integral materials within the construction will not be deemed as effecting the overall color of the hull.
.3 If the referee or scrutineer determines there is inadequate distinction between the teams, the first named team on the game sheet will be required to change their body identification colors.
.4 The players of a team shall each be numbered from 1 to 99. This number shall be displayed on the body covering and on the helmet.
.5 The numbers will be clearly legible to the referees from anywhere on the field and must clearly individually identify each player in a team. A number at least 20 cm high must be on the back of the body. A number at least 10 cm height must be on the front of the body. Numbers at least 7.5 cm high must be on each side of the helmet. The captain of each team shall be distinguished from the rest of the team by an armband.

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Rule  39

.1 The player taking any goal line-throw, cornerthrow, sideline-throw, free-throw or free-shot must hold the ball above their head, at arms length with their kayak stationary, before taking the throw. The player?s initial throw must travel one meter measured horizontally from the point o

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