Rule Number 4


.1 The referees shall be in absolute control of the game. Their authority over the players shall be effective during the whole time that they and the players are within the competition area.
.2 All decisions of the referees on questions of fact shall be final and their interpretation of the rules shall be obeyed throughout the game. No protest or appeal can be made in relation to an interpretive decision of a referee. The referees shall not make any presumption as to the facts of any situation during the game but shall interpret what they observe to the best of their ability.
.3 The referees shall whistle to start and restart the game and to declare goals, goal line throws, corner throws, infringements of the rules and timeouts. A referee may alter their decision provided they do so before the ball is put back into play. The referee must ensure that before the game is restarted that in their sole discretion neither team is disadvantaged.
.4 The referees shall have the power to order the removal from the competition area any person whose behavior prevents the referees from carrying out their duties in a proper and impartial manner.
.5 The referees shall have the power to abandon the game at any time if, in their opinion, the behavior of the players, team-officials or other circumstances prevent it from being brought to a proper conclusion. If the game has to be abandoned the referees shall report their actions to the Chief Official.
.6 Where the referees cannot agree on a decision the first named referee will take the final decision.

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Rule  27

.1 Contacting an opponent?s person.
.2 Playing, or attempting to play, the ball with a paddle when the ball is within arms reach of an opponent, and that opponent is attempting to play the ball with their hand.
.3 Playing or attempting to play the ball with a paddle across the bow of an

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