Rule Number 3


.1 The game officials shall consist of two (2) referees, two (2) goal line judges, one (1) scrutineer, two (2) timekeepers and one (1) scorekeeper.
.2 Depending on the degree of importance games can be controlled by teams of between three (3) and eight (8) officials. Where there are only three (3) game officials, two (2) shall be the referees who shall take on the additional duties of the goal line judges and the scrutineer and one timekeeper taking over the duties of the timekeepers and scorekeeper.

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Rule  34

.1 Any infringement committed by a player during a break in play.
.2 Hindering another player's attempt at righting themselves after capsizing. A player who is upside down must be allowed to get their head and both shoulders above the water before an opponent is allowed to attempt another tac

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