Rule Number 18


.1 Playing time shall be two (2) periods each of seven (7) minutes, unless extra periods need to be played or a tiebreaker shoot-out has to take place.
.2 The half time interval shall normally be three (3) minutes. The minimum half time interval will be one (1) minute.
.3 The teams shall change ends after each period of play.
.4 The referee may call time-out during the playing time. The timekeeper will stop the clock when the referee signals for time-out and restart the clock when the referee restarts the game with a whistle.

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Rule  28

.1 Signals 11 and 15 apply. A player is in possession of the ball when they have the ball in their hand or are in a position to reach the ball with their hand, the ball being on the water and not in the air. A player balancing the ball on their paddle will also be considered to be in possession.

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