DCPL Update October 2021

By: icklepaddler On: 23-11-2021

DCPL Update - October 2021: Who wants to play polo?

 - The first update is DCPL is finally back to Friday nights! :D

 - To get warmed up for DCPL in 2022 we've scheduled some free Splash & Dash nights to allow people from the same division to get together, get some practice and allow teams to get organised. S&D nights will be run for 6 weeks starting November 5th and will be split by division - to book your place or see more info, go to the google doc form: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSepwWa.../viewform

Booking is essential to play!

 - AGM Notice: Wednesday 24th November 7.30pm - https://mastercard.zoom.us/j/81192773154?pwd=QU9SZEdNd0l5N3N4NCtrSldvcWZGZz09

DCPL like all organisations is run by volunteers and there are a number of positions open. Whilst the outgoing committee will support, if we are unable to fill the positions, we will not be able to run the league in the new year. Positions available Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Officer and a number of ordinary members. Please send any questions, nominations etc to canoedcpl@gmail.com in advance of the AGM. 

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Rule  27

.1 Contacting an opponent?s person.
.2 Playing, or attempting to play, the ball with a paddle when the ball is within arms reach of an opponent, and that opponent is attempting to play the ball with their hand.
.3 Playing or attempting to play the ball with a paddle across the bow of an

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