Winter 19 20 Entries Open

By: icklepaddler On: 14-08-2019


Entries for DCPL Winter 19/20 has opened 
First come, first served (usual promotion/regulation rules apply from previous indoor league)
Closing Date: 
30th August 2019 unless the league fills up before that. 
To register, login with your username and password and then press the Red "Register Now" button on the right hand side.
You need to fill out all fields (including email addresses even though there is no *)

Dublin Canoe Polo League – Winter 19/20
Saturday 1
4th September 2019 in Tallaght Sports Complex (Community School) at 6.45pm 
Number of divisions will be confirmed when we have all entries.
BE ADVISED: The Winter 19/20 league will run from September 2019 through to May 2020

Payment Due: 21st September 2018
Cost: €430 (which includes the €20 NCPC levy
). IF you have any challenges in paying this, please let us know and we can discuss splitting it. Otherwise, all teams are expected to get this paid by 21st September or they will be removed from the league.

Payment method is by way of bank transfer only. When transferring entry fee, please use your team name as reference so your entry can be verified/validated.
IBAN: IE50ULSB98501014247183   BIC: ULSBIE2DXXX   Bank: Ulster Bank

All teams need to have their players fully updated by 10th September 2019. Each player must have an up to date valid Canoeing Ireland number registered on the website for insurance reasons. If players are found to not be registered with the Canoeing Ireland, they will not be allowed play AND will forfeit their game for the team too.

Every team will need to have 2+ referees. Anyone wishing to become a referee must complete a written exam before they will be shadowed and/or assessed. We recommend this to be done straight away. We can facilitate refereeing exams, to book send us a message on facebook or email

What else do you need to know?

- Games will be 7 minutes a half. Any team not on the water at their given timeslot will concede a goal a minute up to 3 minutes at which time the match will be abandoned. In the event that a previous match has run over, a team will have 3 minutes to get on the water and be ready to start.

- We ask all teams to continue to be respectful to the pool area and ensure your boats are clean before coming in to the pool.

If you have any questions, please email

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Advantage (Rule 37)

Rule  37

.1 The referees can allow play to continue when the team in possession is benefited by play continuing as a result of an infringement by an opponent, if neither referee has blown the whistle. The referee should recognise the illegal-play by signaling play-on. Signals 13 and 14 apply.

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