TUD Thunderbolts Fixtures & Profile

Date/Time Team 1   Team 2 Team Referee
09-02 - 20:00TUD Thunderbolts0 - 3Kilcullen KoalasThats a Paddlin
09-02 - 20:40KCC Gals4 - 7Kilcullen KoalasTUD Thunderbolts
09-02 - 21:00TUD Thunderbolts0 - 0DCUKCC Gals
16-02 - 21:20UCD ultra3 - 3Poulaphouca WomenTUD Thunderbolts
16-02 - 21:40TUD Thunderbolts1 - 9WWKC JNR GirlsUCD ultra
16-02 - 22:40TUD Thunderbolts3 - 8UCD RockettesWWKC JNR Girls
12-04 - 20:00UCD RockettesN - NPoulaphouca WomenTUD Thunderbolts
12-04 - 20:20TUD ThunderboltsN - NThats a PaddlinWWKC JNR Girls
12-04 - 21:00TUD ThunderboltsN - NPoulaphouca WomenThats a Paddlin
26-04 - 20:40TUD ThunderboltsN - NKCC GalsWWKC Women
26-04 - 21:40TUD ThunderboltsN - NUCD ultraDCU


Team Secretary: Canoe Club
Division: 3A


Duty:2024-04-12: 9pm-11pm


No Referee yet

Player Details

No.Player Name
1Asia Willet
2Michael O'Herlihy
3Paul Fahy
4Aoife McDunphy
5Fionn McNally
7Tomas Roche
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Referee's Ball (Rule 36)

Rule  36

.1 A referee's ball will be declared when two or more players of opposing teams have one or more hands firmly on the ball, so that the players share possession of the ball for five (5) seconds. If initial contact is made directly with the ball illegal holding will only apply if eithe

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