WWKC JNR Girls Fixtures & Profile

Date/Time Team 1   Team 2 Team Referee
16-02 - 21:40TUD Thunderbolts1 - 9WWKC JNR GirlsUCD ultra
16-02 - 22:20WWKC JNR Girls7 - 3Poulaphouca WomenUCD Rockettes
16-02 - 22:40TUD Thunderbolts3 - 8UCD RockettesWWKC JNR Girls
01-03 - 21:20KCC Gals2 - 3WWKC JNR GirlsKilcullen Koalas
01-03 - 22:20Kilcullen Koalas5 - 1WWKC JNR GirlsDCU
01-03 - 22:40DCU3 - 1UCD ultraWWKC JNR Girls
12-04 - 19:40Thats a PaddlinN - NWWKC JNR GirlsUCD Rockettes
12-04 - 20:20TUD ThunderboltsN - NThats a PaddlinWWKC JNR Girls
12-04 - 20:40UCD RockettesN - NWWKC JNR GirlsPoulaphouca Women
26-04 - 21:00UCD ultraN - NWWKC JNR GirlsKCC Gals
26-04 - 22:20DCUN - NWWKC JNR GirlsWWKC Women


Team Secretary: Shane Kinsella
Division: 3A


Duty:Not Scheduled Yet


No Referee yet

Player Details

No.Player Name
1Isabella Kinsella
2Holly Downs
3Lilly Kinsella
4Anie Mulligan
5Keeva Colins
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Rule  33

.1 A player restricting the movement of an opposing player or gaining support or propulsion by placing their hand, arm, body or paddle on the kayak, or holding the opposing player or equipment.
.2 A player using for propulsion or support, or moving out of place, any playing area equipment e.g

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