KCC Gals Fixtures & Profile

Date/Time Team 1   Team 2 Team Referee


Team Secretary: Anto Whitely
Division: 3A


Duty:2023-09-29: 7pm-9pm
Duty:2023-12-01: 7pm-9pm


Kelly DownesGrade 1
Sean DownesGrade 1

Player Details

No.Player Name
1Laura Fay
2Emma Fay
3Erica Brunkard
4Freya Robinson
5Ellen Cowley
6Ciara Lawlor
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Advantage (Rule 37)

Rule  37

.1 The referees can allow play to continue when the team in possession is benefited by play continuing as a result of an infringement by an opponent, if neither referee has blown the whistle. The referee should recognise the illegal-play by signaling play-on. Signals 13 and 14 apply.

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