Rule Number 14


.1 Each player must wear one helmet with facemask, approved by the scrutineer.
.2 Body protection, approved by the scrutineer, must be worn.
.3 A shirt with sleeves, which at least covers the mid upper arm, must be worn. The players shall not have grease, oil or any similar substance on their arms and neck.
.3 Beside the equipment and clothing listed above, personal clothing and effects, and a spray deck for the player is permitted. Extra protective equipment on the hands, forearm and elbows is permitted provided it is firm fitting, securely attached and with no sharp edges such that they do not endanger any other player. No other equipment is permitted. A player must not wear any items (such as jewellery) that can endanger either the wearer or any other player.
.4 Players may not apply any greasy substances to their equipment.

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Referee's Ball (Rule 36)

Rule  36

.1 A referee's ball will be declared when two or more players of opposing teams have one or more hands firmly on the ball, so that the players share possession of the ball for five (5) seconds. If initial contact is made directly with the ball illegal holding will only apply if eithe

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