Poulaphouca Women Fixtures & Profile

Date/Time Team 1   Team 2 Team Referee
16-02 - 21:20UCD ultra3 - 3Poulaphouca WomenTUD Thunderbolts
16-02 - 22:00UCD ultra2 - 5UCD RockettesPoulaphouca Women
16-02 - 22:20WWKC JNR Girls7 - 3Poulaphouca WomenUCD Rockettes
08-03 - 19:40KCC Gals3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenKilcullen Koalas
08-03 - 20:20KCC Gals4 - 4UCD ultraPoulaphouca Women
08-03 - 20:40Kilcullen Koalas3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenThats a Paddlin
12-04 - 20:00UCD Rockettes3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenTUD Thunderbolts
12-04 - 20:40UCD Rockettes1 - 3WWKC JNR GirlsPoulaphouca Women
12-04 - 21:00TUD Thunderbolts0 - 0Poulaphouca WomenThats a Paddlin
19-04 - 22:00DCU3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenKilcullen Koalas
19-04 - 22:20Kilcullen Koalas8 - 1UCD RockettesPoulaphouca Women
19-04 - 22:40Thats a Paddlin3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenUCD Rockettes


Team Secretary: Tara Pollard
Division: 3A


Duty:Not Scheduled Yet


No Referee yet

Player Details

No.Player Name
1Teresa Parke
2Emer Moloney
3Orlagh Deegan
4Jayne Stephens
5Martha Prendeville
6Sandrine Oukaci
7Naomi Hunter
8Grace Cowley
9Elissa McKeown
10Fionnuala Hunter
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Rule  21

.1 Sideline and overhead obstacle: When any part of the ball touches the physical sideline or the vertical plane of the physical sideline, or touches any overhead obstacle, the team that was not the last to touch it with their paddle, kayak or person is awarded a sideline-throw.
.1.1. If the p

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