Thats a Paddlin Fixtures & Profile

Date/Time Team 1   Team 2 Team Referee
09-02 - 19:40Thats a Paddlin3 - 0DCUKilcullen Koalas
09-02 - 20:00TUD Thunderbolts0 - 3Kilcullen KoalasThats a Paddlin
09-02 - 20:20Thats a Paddlin4 - 0KCC GalsDCU
08-03 - 20:00Thats a Paddlin2 - 3Kilcullen KoalasUCD ultra
08-03 - 20:40Kilcullen Koalas3 - 0Poulaphouca WomenThats a Paddlin
08-03 - 21:00Thats a Paddlin4 - 3UCD ultraKCC Gals
12-04 - 19:40Thats a PaddlinN - NWWKC JNR GirlsUCD Rockettes
12-04 - 20:20TUD ThunderboltsN - NThats a PaddlinWWKC JNR Girls
12-04 - 21:00TUD ThunderboltsN - NPoulaphouca WomenThats a Paddlin
19-04 - 21:20Kilcullen KoalasN - NDCUThats a Paddlin
19-04 - 21:40Thats a PaddlinN - NUCD RockettesDCU
19-04 - 22:40Thats a PaddlinN - NPoulaphouca WomenUCD Rockettes


Team Secretary: Ciara Elliott
Division: 3A


Duty:Not Scheduled Yet


Adrian Barber Grade 3

Player Details

No.Player Name
1Ciara Elliott
2Jack O Brien
3Meadhbh Haiceid
4Mark Condon
5David Komlin
6Antonio Ortin Leon
7Kevin Macken
8Ciaran Murray
9Judith Corcoran
10Paul Greaney
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Rule  30

A kayak-tackle is a player manoeuvring their kayak against an opponent?s kayak in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. The following kayak-tackles are illegal.
.1 Any kayak-tackle that results in the tacklers kayak contacting the body of a player and/or endangering a player. The player?s

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