By: waggers On: 12-11-2015

DCPL have been given notification that there have been a number of tiles broken in the pool. The damage is understood to be from boats impacting the edge of the pool & from paddles being pushed against the bottom of the pool. 
Although no evidence has shown that the damage is caused during the DCPL league ( there are a number of other clubs/groups that also use the pool during the week for rolling lessons including with river boats etc) there is concern by pool management that the continued use of canoes may not be appropriate and as such a review has been initiated. 
There have been a number of immediate rules put in place by pool management, Failure to comply will result in immediate group expulsion from the pool (That would mean an immediate end to DCPL). In order to ensure compliance we must likewise enforce these rules within our community. 
Boats with inadequate padding may not be brought into the pool.
Boats with leaves / dirt may not be brought on the pool. 
Boats must be in the water before you get in them.
Damage in the pool:
If you break a tile/fitting : report it to the pool manager / committee member.  Damage happens, deal with it!
 In the past few weeks broken tiles have been taken from the pool and hidden.
To avoid boats impacting the pool sides:
Ladders will remain in the pool. 
The pool edge will remain the pitch boundary.
A rope will be in the pool ~1 metre from the sideline. A players body may not travel outside this rope. The ball in the water, or in the hand can be played outside the roped area, within the pitch boundary.
 -> Moving the rope from where it has been placed to make the pitch bigger: Your team will be immediately removed from the league.
 -> Impacting the side of the pool with your boat at a direct/near direct angle: Yellow card or Red Card as deemed appropriate by referee. The Referee may make a recommendation for additional sanctions to the committee. 
 -> Bracing or attempting to brace off the bank when pushed: Yellow card ( it's a warm pool; just take the roll )
-> Corners and Sidelines can be played from the edge of the pool provided no impact is made to the bank when manoeuvring into position.
Clearly these sideline changes are quite significant. 
The league has been fantastic so far, I thank the DCPL players and committee for working tirelessly in making a workable and enjoyable league for everyone. DCPL will review and clarify restrictions & interpretations as the league continues as well as other solutions. Please keep control of your boat near the bank further damage may result in the loss of another venue. 
Any feedback on the league, or these changes, will be gratefully received by mailing with your self-nomination to take one of the vacant committee positions. 
Yours in sport*
*If you think breaking tiles is a sport then I suggest you take up clay-pigeon shooting

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Rule  21

.1 Sideline and overhead obstacle: When any part of the ball touches the physical sideline or the vertical plane of the physical sideline, or touches any overhead obstacle, the team that was not the last to touch it with their paddle, kayak or person is awarded a sideline-throw.
.1.1. If the p

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